Ruth Gallery fast forward!

Ruth Gallery, the start-up gallery specializing in the rental of art, does not stop to surprise us. Ruth Gallery continues its way to make art lovers of Luxembourg discover Pop Art, an art-form characterized by flashy colors that uses photos and images of popular culture, famous people as well as comic books. The first edition of the successful Soirées de l’Art on April 23 and 24, showed paintings by well-known artist Dganit Blechner , dancing bronzes and paintings by Françoise Abraham ( Subsequently, Ruth Gallery, in cooperation with Laboratoire Ketterthill, organizes an exhibition of works by Dganit Blechner, Françoise Abraham and Pop Artist Michael Waizman . The vernissage on 22 May was introduced by well-known art historian Nathalie Becker. New creations by Michael Waizman, whose technique creates remarkably rich and striking images, are on show for the first time to the public ( . The exhibition is open to all at Ketterthill’s new offices in Belval until 26 July, on working days from 9am to 5pm. (

Ruth Gallery will continue to surprise you with more and new artists in the near future. Please discover what we bring in the months to come! (

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