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Véronica Barcellona grew up in Belgium and was born with a great thirst to learn and analyze. She established herself as a visual artist with an approach that is partly figurative and partly surreal and abstract.

Kandinsky, Klimt, Mondriaan, Klee and Haring are Véronica’s great inspirators. The Greek Mythology and the Italian Renaissance, notably Botticelli, influence her art as well.

Véronica merges unlikely materials, creating wonderful paintings and sculptures. She combines the porosity of paper and cardboard with resin, acrylic and oil paint. Colour is ubiquitous, shaping her work and creating it’s depth.

Véronica Barcellona


Verte d’Amour : 70 cm de diamètre

Spirale Multicolore : 30 cm de diamètre

Spirale Mauve en Rose : 70 cm de diamètre

Spirale Chocolat : 50 cm de diamètre

Spirale Bleu Argent : 30 cm de diamètre

La Vie est Belle : 50 cm de diamètre