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Michael Waizman was born in 1966 in the Galilee.

From an early age Michael directed his energy and creative talent towards various art forms.

Michael’s distinctive technique is built upon a number of phases: collage, silk printing, drawing, painting and digital printing.
This technique creates remarkable, rich and striking images that immediately impress art lovers and aficionados.
His work is sold in galleries around the world and is exhibited at art fairs in China, the USA, Singapore, Luxembourg and other countries.

Michael Waizman


Time Flies 132X170 cm

Scarface 130X100 cm

My Elvis - 180X120 cm

Art Party 130X120 cm

Wonder Couple 130x100 cm

Sweet Mouse Of Mine 155X125 cm

Show Time 150x110 cm

Forbidden Fruit 130x100 cm

Charlie And The Violin 130X110 cm

Chaplin and The Kid 160x120 cm

Blind Love 130x110 cm

A Street In Paradise 200x100 cm

A Light Of Hero


Hansel and Gretel 140x110

Animal 130x110

Coffee Break 150x120