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Born in 1964 in Boulogne-Billancourt (France), Frank Jons lives and works in Luxembourg since 2001. A trained accountant, Frank decided to make his childhood dream come true and devote his life to painting in 1996.

A defining moment in his artistic development was the retrospective exhibition of Maurice Estève at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1986. Whether is was Matisse, Van Gogh, Debré, Alechinsky, Rothko or Soulages – Frank absorbed art, but it was colour that got him hooked.

In 2000 he travelled for eight months through the USA and Canada in a camping car with his wife and their child, going all the way up to the Arctic Circle – an experience that not only changed his outlook on life but also his technique as a painter, as he switched from oil to acrylic.

In 2008 Frank won the Pierre Werner Prize, which launched him on the Luxembourg scene. Since then, through a succession of shows, the public discovered his instinct-driven paintings where the colour seems to burst from the canvas.

As a marathon runner he knows it takes stamina to succeed. His painting is a physical challenge, his art a chromatic explosion. “I’m in a kind of frenzy, or trance, when I paint, a kind of elation. It’s pure energy, and I want it to be freed from all constraints”.


Vivre le moment présent (110 x 270), 2015 © photos Patrick Muller

The Orange Way (200 x 170), 2009 © photos Patrick Muller

The Deception (150 x 200), 2010 © photos Patrick Muller

Not dead inside (110 x 270), 2015 © photos Patrick Muller

Le temps des semailles (180 x 140), 2014 © photos Patrick Muller

Les filaments rouges (180 x 220), 2011 © photos Patrick Muller

L’éclat de la fulgurance (200 x 170), 2011 © photos Patrick Muller

Le réveil (150 x 200), 2010 © photos Patrick Muller

De l’eau de là Haut (150 x 200), 2012 © photos Patrick Muller

La bataille nocture (130 x 170), 2016 © photos Patrick Muller

Ce que je suis (200 x 160), 2016 © photos Patrick Muller

De l’eau de là Bas (150 x 200), 2012 © photos Patrick Muller

Au delà de la route 110 x 130 2017 © photos Patrick Muller