François Felten

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The fantastic universe of François Felten

François Felten was born in 1948 in Clervaux (Luxembourg) and grew up in nearby Hachiville, before attending boarding school in Bastogne. He studied philosophy in Luxembourg and theology in Innsbruck, Austria.

Passionate about art, he took painting lessons in Belgium and drawing classes in Luxembourg. But basically François Felten is an autodidact and quite a brilliant one.

He is on a constant journey in “no man’s land”, between abstract and figurative, apprehensive of the ability to see and feel another level of reality, a dreamlike world.

François Felten’s paintings have no names nor titles, but he likes large formats and admits to abandon himself in a transcendence of gesture, ‘the drive’: “I let myself being guided. Once finished, the canvases reveal figures and characters. Ultimately, my paintings are expressive images”.

François Felten’s work is regularly exhibited in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Romania.

Francois FELTEN

Francois FELTEN

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