Emmanuel Aziseh


Born in Cameroon in 1992, Emmanuel Aziseh now lives and works in Marseille (France).

Passionate about drawing from childhood, it was with his cousin Zunwa Eric that he had his first drawing lessons, which greatly influenced his artistic practice. Encouraged by his family, he joined an artistic training school “Académie Music’Art Euterpe” in 2009 where he discovered an interest in painting. After this short training, he integrates the Foumban Institute of Fine Arts (IBAF) in 2010 and the University of Aix-Marseille in 2017.

Describing himself as a humanist, Aziseh builds his artistic approach by offering each time more assertive works. Its commitments around human and universal values bring to his compositions a force that translates into a sense of aesthetics where realism alongside symbolism. In a desire to abolish borders and deconstruct identities nationalities that keep us away, he takes the figure of the child as the spokesperson for a future who wants to be radiant through works that certainly sublimate beauty, but which are positioned also as awakening consciousness.

Divine connection 2_acrylic_130x97cm_2021

We are happy to announce our participation to Affordable Art Fair Brussels with a selection of artworks by Emmanuel Aziseh.

  • Follow he who knows the way
  • Aziseh-E-Ruth-Gallery
  • SOLD - Earth-on-flowers, 2021 100 x 100 cm