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Dganit Blechner (1957) is a highly appreciated Pop Art artist. Her bright and cheerful use of colours, combined with extraordinary compositions gained her a world-wide reputation. Dganit combines a variety of techniques and various kinds of media. Complex laser-cuts of wood and transparent fabric are done by hand with her personal touch, finishing the work using acrylic, oil and car paints. Dganit was amongst the first artists to integrate video art in a traditional artwork. Her artwork can be seen in private collections and galleries all over the world.

Dganit Blechner


Wall is Over Just Imagine.... 130x130 cm

There's only One Marilyn 130x90 cm

TheLook 100x100 cm

The Building 130x130 cm

The beauty and the City 130x130 cm

That Girl 200x125 cm

Sweet Dreams 130x130 cm

Splash 265x120 cm

She Only Wear's Prada! 150x112 cm

Pretty Girl 100 x 100 cm

Paint Your Dreams 160x136 cm

New Liberty 130x130 cm

I Love San Deancisco 165x70 cm

Forever Young 170x120 cm

Big Girls Don't cry 100x80 cm

Because she is My Rose 150x120 cm

Autumn in New York 160x90 cm

Art isArt 130x130 cm

Leve Story 70x70 cm (3D Mixed Technique)

Big Girls Don't Cry 120x90