David Tollmann

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“I paint! … I do it with passion! I’ve been doing this all my life! It’s in my genes! “

The story about David Tollmann begins with emotion and love. His personal enthusiasm for art and aesthetics are at the heart of his actions. Each of his works emerges out of the affect, distinguished by a figurative painting of expressive colors. David Tollmann was born in 1988 in the small Saxon town of Sulingen. As the son of the successful artist Markus Tollmann and as the grandson of Günter Tollmann, an important painter and object artist, who had a close friendship with contemporaries like Beuys and Uecker, he has been deeply rooted in the art scene since his childhood. His creativity shows as a visual expression of his moving thoughts – his displeasure, his joy, his situation. It feels like a rush, like a liberation. For David Tollmann, art is an armor to protect oneself from society. To watch as a humorous play with cubistic elements and portraits with ironic or emphatic gestures as well as aesthetic provocations. The idea of ​​using shape, color and material to improve the world, he gives painting classes for children and invites to his studio. Making art accessible to others and thus preserving their identity is his claim. David Tollmann’s works are exhibited nationally and internationally. He lives and works in Hannover.

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