Four reasons why compagnies choose art rental

Four reasons why compagnies choose art rental

If we had to describe 2018 in one word, that word would be: ENERGETIC.

Since Ruth Gallery’s launch at the beginning of the year, we have showcased our collection at two of Europe’s top international contemporary art fairs (Mulhouse and Luxembourg), hosted an exclusive private view at creative atelier Kritzel Fabrik, and successfully transformed private and professional spaces with exceptional artwork for our first clients.

We did not stop. And we loved every minute.

Then the holidays came along, giving us time to pause and reflect on the year and the wonderful people who shared this journey with us.

We learned that art is the ultimate icebreaker.

It has the unique power to ignite conversations and connect human beings from all walks of life. Looking back at some of these “belles rencontres”, one, very pertinent, question kept popping up:

Why are more and more companies choosing to rent art?

Here, we pinpoint the top four reasons why renting art is the right move for your business:

  1. Exceptional art won’t blow your budget. It’s no easy task deciding what to hang on your office walls. And no small investment if you choose to buy quality art. Renting affordable art offers flexibility by giving you the option to “try before you buy”. What’s more, you can pay in monthly installments freeing up company cash reserve. To boot, did you know that renting art can reduce your tax bill? That’s right – it might qualify as a deductible expense for your company.
  2. Art is a brand ambassador. Meaningful artwork transforms the atmosphere of a meeting space and speaks volumes about your company. Whether a pop art explosion, or serene impressionist piece, every artwork tells a story and offers insight into brand identity. It can inspire confidence and trust, helping you to connect with clients on an emotional level.
  3. Change is good. Your company is constantly evolving, so why shouldn’t your workspace? By regularly refreshing your walls, artwork won’t just fade into the background. Inspiring artwork is proven to increase productivity, nourish our brains, channel creativity, boost energy levels and influence positive-thinking. That’s excellent news for employers and staff alike.
  4. Promote and sustain artists. Renting art helps artists pay rent! Ruth Gallery supports talented artists from across the globe – from Europe and the Middle East to Southeast Asia and the US. We understand that a regular income means they can continue to express their passion and bring colour to the world’s walls.
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