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Visit our new online exhibition “EFFERVESCENCE” by the artist Uyi Nosa-Odia  (UNO) available from April 10th to May 22nd


‘Effervescence’, an exhibition by Uyi Nosa-Odia, aka UNO.

Visual artist UNO invites you to join him on an exceptional journey. ‘Effervescence’ reflects on sometimes painful memories, but also on a radiant future, exploring the sources of the artist. It is obvious that UNO has found his signature. Using acrylic, he may start with a subdued background. On top of this, he paints colorful shapes, often giving the impression of a jigsaw puzzle. But whether he paints humans or animals, UNO’s work is always reminiscent of his long personal history.


Ruth Gallery & the artist are happy to welcome you for the opening days, coming Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 6 PM at Casino 2000 in the galerie du Chapito.

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