Online Exhibition

"L'Enfance 2" by Emmanuel Aziseh

Visit our new online exhibition from 08.02.2022 to 27.02.2022


                                Visit us in Casino 2000 in the Chapito Gallery and discover the current exhibition.


              About the "An Imaginary Journey"

               From 12 February to 27 March 2022 in the Chapito Gallery at CASINO 2OOO

A painting, a trip,

Ruth Gallery offers an exhibition with varied universes to be transported far from our daily life for a visit.

Six artists rub shoulders on the walls of Casino2000 and will transport you from the United States to Vietnam via Africa.

With artists Dganit Blechner and Michael Waizman, from Israel, Pop Art is in the spotlight, for an explosive and colorful journey.

Then head to Southeast Asia with the work of two Vietnamese artists. Let yourself be carried away by the canvases of Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong who creates by dropping paint on the canvas without ever touching it with a brush. His "Cherry Blossom" will certainly make you see life in pink. Known as a master of light, artist Bui Van Hoan superimposes layers in his paintings to create light, shadow, and subtle variations in hue and texture.

Then direction Ivory Coast with Koné Zié, who likes to represent scenes of contemporary African life. The trip will end in Cameroon, with the work of artist Emmanuel Aziseh and his childish and colorful universe. And from the beginning of April, a new exhibition entitled “Eau” by this same artist will promise another fabulous trip.

Text by Marion FINZI/ Journalist

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