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Following the current sanitary situation,  Ruth Gallery adapts and creates its Virtual Gallery.

Available Vietnamese artworks 

Pop Art & Abstract Wall Sculptures

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Curatorial text

Émile Youmbi’s work highlights Man’s relationships in a social, cultural, religious, and political context.
The art of Émile Youmbi is deeply rooted in the traditions of the Bantu people. Likewise it includes cultural references to urban themes. In a way his art remains naive and is enriched by a mixture of materials, colors, and natural fibers.
In “Attitudes“, Émile Youmbi presents a new form of a photo album, the ultimate place of family memories: it is the substance of being in space and time, and starts with shadows, reflections of Man in the traditional and in the modern society. Shadows to remind and remember things, in order to get closer to the evolving shadow that is the ancestor. We reconstruct our albums mentally, by looking at his paintings.

My work reflects my life in a permanent confrontation between tradition and modernity“: Émile Youmbi