Follow he who knows the way
Follow he who knows the way. Acrylic on canvas 130 x 97 cm

16 Oct - 28 Nov 2021

 Emmanuel AZISEH
DUO D'ART: Koné ZIÉ & Alhassane dit Lass

3 Dec 2021 - 16 Jan 2022

The world of contemporary art

Ruth Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, representing African artists and artists from the African diaspora.

We support art that reflects current developments in society and contemporary urban realities.

'Our' artists include established names and emerging young painters and sculptors.

Art rental specialist

Since its creation in 2018, Ruth Gallery has rented a large number of artworks to businesses to add extra soul and character to working environments.

Transportation, installation, and insurance are part of our expertise.

A dedicated catalog is provided on request.